Partnering with General Hemp™ means partnering with the pioneers and leaders of the industrial hemp space. From developing the first international CBD rich hemp oil supply chain, to growing the first $1 billion market cap company in the industry, to investing in licensing agreements with the United States National Institutes of Health, General Hemp and its founders have paved the way for industrial hemp to redefine our future.

As one of the most experienced investment groups in this industry, we specialize in navigating challenges presented by the complex regulatory environment and identifying emerging trends and opportunities. This often makes us the ideal partner for new and growing ventures, and allows us to tailor our services to the specific needs of companies in this industry.

In short, we are dead set on revolutionizing industries including healthcare, energy, and more with industrial hemp. If this aligns with your venture's strategic mission, we are greatly interested in working with you.



As part of our mission to support the growth of the industrial hemp industry, we provide capital for promising ventures that can make a bigger impact at scale, as well as strategic acquisitions for which we can provide added value. We are open to funding ventures at all stages, from seed funding to late stage investments.

Public Relations

Public perception is everything in a world that operates on a 24/7 news cycle. Our media and public relations team brings network news media expertise to our portfolio of companies, advocating on their behalf and exposing them to mainstream, untapped audiences. Let us help your hemp company thrive in spite of  increasing journalistic scrutiny and changing public perceptions. Our Public Relations subsidiary, CMW Media, is one of the biggest influencers in the industry when it comes to media coverage for companies in the cannabis space. Through their efforts, our companies have been featured on the most prominent media outlets, including CNN, NBC, CBS, The Wall Street Journal, FOX News, Telemundo, and many more.

Shipping & Distribution

Through the development and distribution of many consumer products and brands, General Hemp and its subsidiaries have established a robust distribution network for hemp and CBD products. Additionally, we've developed state of the art inventory and fulfillment systems that are uniquely capable of catering to the characteristics of almost all hemp-based products, including foods, beauty products, raw materials and more. With this in mind, hemp companies looking to cost effectively scale their distribution systems often greatly benefit from working with General Hemp subsidiaries' turnkey systems.


Our access to cutting-edge hemp manufacturing and processing technology helps our family of companies cost effectively create higher quality products. From functional foods to personal care, from pet products to nutraceuticals, or from lifestyle products to textiles, we have access to some of the most respected and technologically advanced manufacturers in the world. We only work with manufacturers who adhere to the strictest quality controls, rigorous testing standards, and have a commitment to sustainability. We invested millions to develop the best manufacturing and processing practices for hemp products, including choosing the best hemp cultivars; oil extraction technology and practices; testing and quality control. Working with General Hemp means building the highest quality standards into your products, which can be key to longevity and success in a dynamic market.


Our legal team ensures that our companies operate securely in a dynamic and challenging legal landscape. Even though hemp products have been in existence for centuries, lingering misperceptions remain. Our founding partners spent years and millions of dollars establishing legal precedents and intellectual property for a safe, secure, and legitimate hemp industry. Industrial hemp products face unique legal challenges domestically and internationally related to import and export, food safety, controlled substance status, approved medical uses and claims. These present many risks when endeavoring to establish or grow a business in the industry. General Hemp's dedicated legal resources ensure that our partners and subsidiaries are effectively protected from these risks, in addition to maintaining a strong legal foundation that any company would need.


We believe in creating strong, sustainable revenues for our portfolio through consumer education and world-class customer service. For both B2B and B2C businesses, our collection of established sales channels can help you scale quickly while maintaining compliance with the latest regulations. Our areas of expertise include:
  • Industry Training & Education
  • Product Education
  • Sales Consulting, Strategy and Joint Ventures
  • Customer Service Training & Guidelines


Having established the most recognized industrial hemp brands on the market, General Hemp™ gives your company, venture or brand access to world-class marketing and promotional capabilities. In addition to helping you develop strategic, integrated marketing systems using world class partners and resources, we are able to assist you with all facets of creating effective and profitable marketing campaigns:
  • Strategic Branding and Marketing Development
  • Web Development, Ecommerce, Online Marketing & Social Media
  • Joint Ventures and Collaboration with Marketing Partners
  • Trade Shows, Media Appearances, Direct Marketing and other opportunities